Torn between Las Vegas or Orlando for your next big corporate event?

Fear not we can help make that decision easier. Orlando has a lot going for it and for the bottom line of your important corporate event   and you’ll see why it’s the fastest growing destination for top corporate events.

Why Should Choose Orlando Over Las Vegas for Your Corporate Event?

When it comes to planning a corporate event, there are many great destinations to choose from. But if you’re truly torn between the 2 biggest destinations of Orlando and Las Vegas, here are a few reasons why you should choose Orlando for your next big corporate shindig.

  1. Accessibility: Orlando is located in the center of Florida and is easily accessible by air, with a major international airport and numerous non-stop flights from major cities across the US. In fact with all the tourism Orlando is one of the busiest AND cheapest destinations to fly into.
  2. Variety of Venues: Orlando is home to a wide variety of venues, from convention centers and hotels to theme parks and outdoor spaces. This means you can find the perfect location to suit your specific event needs, whether you’re hosting a large conference or a more intimate gathering. Las Vegas, while known for its ginormous convention centers and larger than life buildings, you may not have the same variety of options available.
  3. Family-Friendly: Orlando is known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” making it a great destination for attendees who are bringing their families. With attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, families can have an amazing time while you focus on your business objectives. Las Vegas, on the other hand, may not be the best choice for those with children or for attendees who prefer a more family-friendly atmosphere. Also planner have found that a bunch of adults in Vegas away from their families can enjoy a little too much of the sins of Las Vegas and by day 3 they might be showing up to the afternoon sessions with bloodshot eyes.
  4. Cost: While Las Vegas is known for its luxurious hotels and high-end restaurants, it can also be quite expensive. I got charged $1200 for someone to come turn on the lights in our modest space. Yeah thats right they were $200 an hour and you had to hire a minimum of 6 hrs! Orlando, on the other hand, offers more affordable accommodation and dining options, which can be a big plus for companies looking to keep costs down.

In conclusion, Orlando is a top-notch destination for corporate events, offering attendees accessibility, variety, family-friendly options. Plus the cost savings on venues, travel food and accommodations.

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Orlando, Florida has long been a popular destination for todo has also become a popular destination for corporate events.

According to the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando is the second-largest convention destination in the United States, behind Las Vegas. The city is home to several large convention centers, including the Orange County Convention Center and the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center.

One of the main reasons for Orlando’s growing popularity as a corporate event destination is its abundance of hotel rooms. The city has over 120,000 hotel rooms, which makes it easy to find accommodations for large groups of attendees. In addition, many of the hotels in the city are located near the convention centers, which makes it convenient for attendees to travel back and forth between the hotel and the event.

Another reason for Orlando’s growing popularity as a corporate event destination is the city’s wide range of activities and attractions. In addition to the theme parks, Orlando is home to several golf courses, shopping centers, and other attractions. This makes it easy for attendees to find something to do during their free time.

In addition, the city offers a variety of transportation options, including the Orlando International Airport, which is located just minutes away from the Orange County Convention Center. This makes it easy for attendees to fly in and out of the city for the event.

The growing popularity of Orlando as a corporate event destination is also due to the city’s efforts to attract and retain business. The city has invested in the infrastructure, transportation and a variety of other facilities to improve the overall experience of corporate events.

In conclusion, the city of Orlando, Florida is quickly becoming a top destination for corporate events. The abundance of hotel rooms, the wide range of activities and attractions, and the city’s efforts to attract and retain business are just a few of the reasons why Orlando is becoming a popular choice for corporate events.

As the city continues to grow and develop, it is likely that more and more businesses will choose to hold their events in Orlando, Florida. It is a great place to hold your event. If you choose a great headliner like Charles Peachock then you are assured sucsess.