03/24/24            Boca Black Box Theater Boca, FL

09/11/24            Wonder’s Theater Myrtle Beach SC

09/15/24            Wonder’s Theater Myrtle Beach SC

Prepare to be enthralled by Charles, a trailblazing juggler and America’s Got Talent finalist, renowned for transforming juggling into a global spectacle. His performances on major platforms like the Tonight Show and TBS have captivated millions, with his innovative style and sharp comedy, transcending the typical variety act. Uniquely blending mesmerizing juggling with original props and a deep audience connection, Charles’s shows are a thrilling blend of humor, warmth, and skill.


Charles’s exceptional talent and charisma have earned him top accolades, including being the favored headline act on Disney Cruises, a recognition of his ability to enchant and engage. His performances are more than entertainment; they’re immersive experiences of laughter, wonder, and unrivaled talent. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the captivating artistry of a performer who truly redefines the essence of entertainment.



There are jugglers, and then there’s this guy. What this guy pulled off last night on America’s Got Talent deserves to be remembered as one of the single best performances not just this season, but in the entire run of America’s Got Talent. Unreal!

LA Times

Charles Peachock doesn’t just perform; he transforms the stage into a playground of imagination. Every joke lands with impeccable timing. If you’re looking to be entertained, amused, and utterly mesmerized, this show is the ticket. 

People Magazine

That was incredible. That must be my favorite talent we’ve seen on the show. Thank you so much for being here!

Jimmy Fallon

Charles has been our highest-rated show for 3 years in a row. No one combines his charisma, talent, creativity, and showmanship like his live show does. If you have a chance to see his live show buy tickets, if they aren’t already sold out!

Disney Entertainment